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Welcome to SharpReading - everything you need for a SHARP reading programme.

Click here for online teacher training in reading   Click here for Reading Assessment Click here for Stories and Non-Fiction Text

SharpReading Professional Learning Opportunities for 2017  Click here
Find out more about the PLD training opportunities planned for Term 1 and beyond - workshops in NZ and Australia, In-School Support, ONLiNE training.
EXPOSURE: Workshops - the initial training. Send a few teachers. Plan for an in-school trial. Explore whether this is the approach for your school.
IMPLEMENTATION: In-School Support, online support - everything you need to get the classroom implementation right.
SACRED GROUND: Once you make a decision for schoolwide implementation we have cost-effective processes in place to ensure the integrety of the approach is maintained over time. 


"The Struggling Older Reader"  Click here for more information
Find out more about this very important initiative aimed at meeting the needs of those struggling readers. This is a collaboration between SharpReading and Chuck Marriott ("SevenPlus") and is having great success in getting students back on track in NZ and Australian classrooms.


StoryBytes and InfoBytes  Click here for more information
If you want to subscribe to these as a weekly drip feed at bedrock prices them make sure you do it NOW because by next week the delivery will change.
There have been lots of problems with filters blocking emails and teachers dealing with the sheer volume of resources that they receive, so we are changing the delivery.

From next week these resources will only be available as collections at the different age levels. That means you only need to purchase the levels that you are going to be using. For each collection you buy you will get the Guided Reading format (for guide reading lessons) and the powerpoint (for shared or whole class lessons). These will be available as a 1 User Licence (for your own personal use) or as an unlimited School Site Licence (for use within the school of purchase only). WATCH THIS SPACE! The plan is to add Levels 3 and 7 during the year to give a better spread across the age range.

Last chance to buy these subscriptions.
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